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Anchor and Junior Sections (5-11 years)

Week 7

Activities include: 

Spiders web, heads or tails walk, VE Day thank you medal, the lost sheep, VE Day party, the leaning tower of pillows, fitness walkway, climb Big Ben, bottle rockets, God loves me and VE Day: air raid shelter

Week 6

Activities include:

”Find me a .....” game, leaf rubbing, lockdown handprints, prayer bubbles, post a hug, grow a rainbow, tin can alley, toasting marshmallows, pizza portraits, measuring Gods love, I’ve “bin” kind and juggling.

Week 5

Activities include:

Tightrope walking, A-Z scavenger hunt, St George’s shield, 3D creation collage, call a grandparent, skittles experiment, water relay, blindfolded trail, my kitchen band, David and Goliath, recycling champion and marble run.