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Company Section (11-18 years)

Week 7 - VE Day 75th Anniversary Celebrations

Week 6

Activities include:

Washing basketball, outdoor cooking, my monopoly, the dream team, green fingers and Pringle ring

Week 5

Activities include:

Plank football, emergency shelter, milkshakes, Bible quote or not?, pop up restaurant and emoji quiz. 

Week 4

Activities include:

Fitness dice, mystery snapshots, tin can lanterns, Jumanji: talents, #clapfortheNHS video and recovery position. 

Week 3

Activities include:

World records - most socks, stargazing, Easter Rocky Road, Easter on Twitter, my #BBatHome challenge, jigsaw puzzle.

Week 2

Activities include:

Kick ups, garden golf, read all about it, a week of prayer, cook a meal, chain reaction machine

Week 1

Activities include:

Minute to win it, drinks can cooler, stop motion animation, kindness, kindness package and card pyramid.  

Stop-Motion from Max